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GSH of Alabama

Green Structure Homes, Inc (GSH) provides state of the art modular wood frame and steel homes. GSH offers state of the art technology, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient homes that provide greater project budget accuracy, minimal imported workforce, and faster build times. In additional, GSH homes provide reduced life-cycle costs: lower maintenance and energy costs and insurance premiums. The state of the art technologyunits-at-pre-inspection-yard provides for fast- modular transport erection, hurricane-rated structural integrity up to 130 mph, mold, pest, mildew resistant and customizable homes which can be designed as one, two or multiple bedroom family units. The structures are made of wood and/or light gauge steel construction products: studs, roof trusses and more. The exterior architecture is that of executive homes. The interior can be changed to meet the customer specific requirements. Homes may be designed with state of the art kitchens and baths using granite and marble if desired. The GSH homes are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The erections of these modular homes have minimal impact on the site and environment. Since these homes are manufactured off-site there is minimal imported workforce required and use of local materials. Once these homes are delivered on-site they are erected in a matter of days. The construction technology makes these GSH homes more energy efficient. The steel roof reflexes the radiation of the sun and the highest required R-19 value insulation will be used throughout the home. Because of the consistent standardized manufacturing processes and procedures, the final products are of the highest quality in construction, form, materials, and design. Quality assurance checks and procedures are in place and enforced throughout the manufacturing and installation of the home.