About Scott Stokes

Scott Stokes brings world-class leadership, management, and engineering experience to GSH of Alabama, LLC.

Before joining GSH of Alabama, Scott began his career as a corporate pilot. As Pilot-in-Command, Scott operated Bombardier’s Learjet 25, 35, and 55, as well as the Hawker 400 (BE400) and 800 throughout North America, South America, and the Caribbean Islands for corporate customers. Scott is also a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).

As COO of GSH of Alabama, Scott Stokes has consistently led GSH to rise to any challenge. Scott is privileged to work with the GSH team on a daily basis, coordinating staff and quality control processes. In addition, Scott is responsible for several of GSH’s innovative proprietary design concepts and products that serve the mission of the United States Government on a daily basis.

In addition to his leadership at GSH of Alabama, Scott is very active in the Huntsville community and a father to three.