Our Homes

GSH of Alabama, LLC builds environmentally friendly, energy-efficient modular homes that are fully customizable. We utilize innovative design, engineering and manufacturing technologies to provide improved budget accuracy and transparency, minimal imported workforce, and fast build times. In addition, GSH homes enjoy reduced life-cycle costs such as lower maintenance and energy costs and insurance premiums.

Most importantly, our homes are safe. With an automated fire suppression system, hurricane-rated structural integrity, and mold, pest and mildew resistance, our homes are designed to keep families safe and comfortable inside.


Commercial Structures and Solutions

GSH of Alabama, LLC also builds Commercial-Grade Modular and Manufactured Homes that can be customized to any application or any site. Our commercial structures enjoy the same advantages (such as fast build times and lower lifecycle costs) as our residential structures, but can be better tailored to specific functions, such as barracks/dormitories or office/laboratory space.

In addition, we also offer several solutions to Commercial and Government Customers, including:

  • Full Development Project Management Team
    • Feasibility Studies, Analysis, Land Planning, Infrastructure, Utility and Foundations Services
  • Structural and Civil Engineering Services Team (meeting IRC, IBC and other state and federal standards)
  • Complete On-Site Utility Coordination and Installation
  • Professional Structure Delivery and Installation Team
    • Third Party Structure Deliveries, Installations, and Inspections

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