GSH of Alabama, LLC Awarded $7.8 Million FEMA Contract



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Huntsville, AL. Based Company Wins $7.8 Million FEMA Contract

Local Firm To Design And Produce Innovative New Safety Equipment


HUNTSVILLE, AL, 30 September 2016—GSH of Alabama, LLC, (GSH) a Huntsville-based Disaster Relief Construction Contractor, announces a new contract with FEMA and the US Department of Homeland Security to include a fully automated fire suppression system in every new home produced by GSH for the United States Government. This proprietary technology has been designed, engineered and developed by GSH over the last year. This contract has a total value of $7,800,000 and will be fully completed by April of 2017.


“GSH’s engineering team has been hard at work designing and testing this new life-saving equipment,” said Barbara Stokes, Chief Executive Officer. “After a disaster, nothing is more important than ensuring the safety of families residing in our homes.” Chief Operations Officer Scott Stokes added “This innovative system was developed entirely in North Alabama. GSH’s proprietary fire suppression technology is completely self-sufficient and will be installed in all our new homes right from the factory. GSH’s team has been working closely with FEMA to produce media highlighting this system and its functionality. We are excited to be able to provide this additional layer of safety for our customers.”


Founded in 2008, Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC is a Disaster Relief Contactor based in Huntsville, AL. GSH of Alabama, LLC offers a wide range of solutions to government and private sector customers, utilizing proprietary state-of-the-art design, engineering, and manufacturing techniques. GSH brings proven leadership to the industry, with Barbara Stokes’ team having over thirty years of combined experience.


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